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Jul 19, 2017


In this episode, best selling author Kim Butler and No B.S. Money Guy Todd Strobel debate statistics that were published by FINRA. These stats claim that Americans are improving financially, but is this really true?

Tune in to find out how to take control of your finances today. Do you have a question you would like answered on the show? Please send it to us at and we may answer it in an upcoming episode.


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Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

00:41 Report issued by

01:17 Intro to the article

02:46 Kim: “Everything’s ok as long as everything’s ok”

03:22 Digital wealth goes through cycles

04:00 You get paid what you’re worth. If you want to get paid more, provide more value.

04:34 Moving towards a global workforce

05:56 Going over statistics in the article

07:15 Retirement vs. Future finances

12:13 Student loans not getting paid

13:31 Financial literacy is different from stock market literacy

16:25 Spending vs. Savings

17:17 Spending going up and saving rate is going down

22:25 Pay yourself back at interest