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Jun 7, 2022

To express your viewpoint and for others to answer the questions you have set, raising arguments is a good standpoint. Arguing can help structure the conversation and even guide the person you’re talking to to the different points of the conversation.

For this episode, Spencer and Kim circle their talk around arguing. First off, they discuss the concept from Alex Epstein's book, Fossil Future. Spencer and Kim talk about what arguing to 100 and arguing to zero are, the results of arguing to zero, as well as the new styles of arguments. They also argue on the differences between life insurances and investments, and what benefits people can get from getting one.

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  • Fossil Future

    Show Notes
  • The concept from Alex Epstein's book, Fossil Future
  • What the two frameworks of a life insurance product are
  • How the language of understanding and comparing correctly works
  • Examples of arguing to 100
  • What the results of arguing to zero are
  • What the difference between life insurances and investments
  • The guarantees of a life insurance
  • What the new styles of arguments are
  • How you can take the arguments that people may want to have while giving them the truth

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