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Apr 15, 2016


Today on the Prosperity Podcast, our host Todd Strobel and co-host best-selling author Kim Butler sit down with a very special guest! Curtis May talks to us about his company, Practical Wealth Advisors, and his five step money organizer plan to putting you in a position to be prosperous and to live prosperously. Tune in to learn more about managing your money and find a way to live the life you want to live, now and later.

If you would like the opportunity for us to answer your question on the show or to be a guest on our show, be sure to keep sending us questions and reach out to us!


Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:37 Introducing Curtis May

01:22 The Money Organizer Plan

  • email for free report for all listeners on good debt vs. bad debt

02:07 How the Money Organizer Plan Came About

03:17 Step One: Creating ATM Money: Establishing a Short Term Liquid Fund

10:11 Step Two: Debt Elimination

14:21 Step Three: Building Cash Reserves

16:24 Where to Go to Learn More?

  • 601-622-3121

20:34 Outro