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Aug 8, 2023

This episode focuses on two central topics - the concept of outliving one's money and the worth of one's money in the current economic climate. The common theme of the episode is challenging conventional notions of retirement and financial planning. Kim is highly critical of the societal construct of retirement, describing it as a "scam" and an inherently selfish way of living that often leaves retirees discontented and unproductive.

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Show Notes

  • Retirement is a scam, initiated from a Twitter thread
  • Her perspective on Retirement, detailing her experience with people who retired but have struggles filling their time beyond short-lived excitements.
  • The problems enforced by the government, like mandatory medical programs and paperwork on reaching a certain age, are discussed.
  • The idea of engaging retired people into productive activities and letting them share their wisdom with younger generations is brought forward.
  • The importance of long-term planning and avoiding short-term distractions to see desired results is stressed upon.
  • The aspect of pursuing a 0% tax bracket as a race to the bottom is discussed, comparing it to cheap goods selling strategy.
  • Retirement assets management and how to prioritize income sources are discussed, with life insurance proposed as the last asset to turn to.
  • Concern about inflation and strategies to overcome it by keeping working rather than retiring are underscored.

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