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Feb 11, 2016


What’s the difference between good and bad debt? When do you want to prepay a loan? Should your investment strategy be the same for an investment property and a property you live at (your home)? What is a good interest rate? When should you take out loans? Let best-selling author Kim Butler and co-host Todd Strobel walk you through the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Prosperity Podcast.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:40 The Idea of Good Debt Versus Bad Debt

1:03 When to Prepay?

3:56 Is My Strategy the Same for an Investment Property and My Home?

8:50 Pay Attention to Your Interest Rates

9:52 Paying for Your Children's Education Versus Using a Student Loan

12:11 Other Debt Factors to Consider

14:12 Outro