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Apr 23, 2015

Together again, “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel, and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler, take on the topic of the hidden tax that all Amercians face. It’s a silent, stealth tax that no voters approve, yet it robs us nonetheless.

The hidden tax our hosts refer to in this episode is INFLATION. It erodes our savings and injures our earning potential.

With an open transparency, Todd and Kim discuss this hidden tax and tell us what the government doesn’t want us to know about who it is benefiting. They caution us against lifestyle inflation as well, and give us tools to help us navigate through these sly and concealed financial thieves.

0:18 – Welcome back
0:40 – Preview of episode content
2:02 – What exactly is this hidden tax?
3:45 – Who is inflation actually benefiting?
6:15 – Talking about lifestyle inflation
7:00 – Addressing top challenges of inflation
9:10 – Reviewing top challenges
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