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Apr 29, 2015

In this episode of the Prosperity Podcast, “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler talk about the different types of financial advisers that exist and the pros and cons of each type. They answer questions about which type of adviser is the most beneficial for various situations and how to decide which is best for your situation.

Our hosts answer the question about free financial advice and whether or not the phrase “you get what you pay for” rings true in those types of situations. Referring to insurance, Todd and Kim remind us that investments are not our only way toward gaining financial stability and growth.

0:19 – Welcome to another edition
0:31 – Praise for Prosperity
1:15 – Developing a prosperity mindset
3:14 – What is a financial adviser?
4:30 – 1st camp: the suitability standard
5:15 – 2nd camp: fiduciary adviser
6:11 – 3rd camp: insurance agents
6:50 – Investments aren’t everything
7:45 – Clarifying questions
8:05 – Which one do I need?
13:12 – What about free financial advice?
15:29 – Take care!