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May 19, 2015

How to Save Better, Grow Your Assets Faster and Create Substantial Cash Flow… Without Stock Market Risks!

This special episode of The Prosperity Podcasts features an interview Mark Cosman from Experts Showcase did with best-selling financial author, Kim D.H. Butler. Mark presses Kim to name the 3 biggest problems that investors face:

1. When saving, they don’t know where to store cash where it can keep pace with inflation.
2. When investing, they have a hard time creating growth in their assets without risking principal.
3. When desiring investment income, they don’t know how to use their assets to create efficient cash flow.

Fortunately, Mark also asks Kim for her proven investment solutions! Kim shares her favorite financial strategies and vehicles for saving money, growing assets, and creating cash flow.

They also discuss how to protect yourself from risk, why Kim has “zero risk tolerance,” and how risk tolerance questionnaires make investors think they have no choice but to subject their assets to the risks of the stock market to earn respectable gains! Fortunately, that is not true.

Mark reveals how listeners can get more details as part of the Prosperity Accelerator Pack. You certainly don’t want to miss this special episode!

0:17 – Kim Butler and Todd Strobel share some highlights of the interview

2:23 – Start of The Experts Showcase interview

3:54 – The 3 main themes of the show

4:17 – Finding alternatives to storing your money in banks and money market accounts.

5:53 – Kim reveals 200 year old financial secret that earns 4 – 5% and can replace your inefficient bank account

8:03 – Creating cash flow in our investments today

10:15 – Sharing examples of a consistent cash flowing investment

12:20 – How to avoid losing your money!

13:35 – Why I have a zero risk tolerance for losing money

15:45 – Mark talking about the prosperity accelerator pack

17:09 – How to get your money to work at least as hard as you do