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Aug 25, 2015

Kim Butler and Todd Strobel respond to a user-question about annuities, analyzing annuities to see what they can and can’t do for you. Kim and Todd take a hypothetical annuity through the gamut of our Prosperity Principles. Kim defines the different types of annuities. Todd uses the Prosperity Principles against annuities. Finally, Kim and Todd explain where the apprehension towards annuities comes from and look at what to do with an annuity you already possess. Do you know how to apply the Principles of Prosperity to financial decisions? Find out on today’s episode of the Prosperity Podcast.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[0:37] Annuity Clarity

[2:02] Fixed and Variable Annuities

[7:01] Think From a Prosperous Mindset

[8:41] Look From a Macroeconomic POV

[9:39] Life-Only Payout

[12:17] Low Interest Rates

[13:37] Measure Opportunity Cost

[14:45] Where Does the Objection Come From?

[16:45] LIFO

[17:24] Cash Flow

[19:56] Control Your Money

[20:43] Money Should Move Through an Asset

[22:19] Multiply

[23:31] Summary

[24:05] Financial Planning Has Failed

[24:46] What to do With an Annuity

[26:28] Wrap-Up

[27:30] Outro