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Sep 14, 2021

What’s the perfect retirement age? Do you really have to retire at the tender age of 65? These are just some of the topics revolving around retirement that Spencer and Kim discussed. They also cite down the Action Item List: What are the five things that a person nearing the retirement age can do alternatively, after quitting their business and their job? Find the answers to these questions in this exciting episode.

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    Show Notes
  • One of the greatest conspiracies alive is that people must retire when they are 65 yet our country is run by 70 and 80-year-olds. - 0:14
  • New adults of the new generation start to question “Why would you want to retire and not look for a job that you love?” - 2:36
  • Every decade, just have a good time away. Do a check-in of yourself and a shift in your business, in your career or work that you’re doing that will enable you to bring back in more of the work that you love or a new perspective on the work that you love or possibly, an entirely new career. - 4:08
  • The Action Item List: Five things that a person nearing the retirement age can do alternatively. - 6:29
  • To make your mind young, you have to be around someone that’s young. So find someone to mentor. - 7:27
  • Your community is your family. - 9:58
  • Mentoring allows you to get help in the areas you need help with. - 12:01

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