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May 16, 2023

In this episode of the Prosperity Podcast, the hosts, Spencer Shaw and Kim Butler, discuss the importance of avoiding zero-sum games, in which there is a winner and a loser. They provide examples of such games, including gossip, which can harm all parties involved, and share ways to combat this mentality. They also discuss the role of life insurance as a "win-win-win" financial product, particularly whole life insurance from a mutual company, which benefits the buyer, seller, and company alike. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of timely action when it comes to life insurance purchases, as medical complications and other factors can impact one's ability to buy a policy in the future.

Best-selling author Kim Butler and Spencer Shaw show you how to take more control of your finances. Tune in to The Prosperity Podcast to learn more about Prosperity Thinkers thinking and strategies today!

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Show Notes

  • How a zero-sum game means there's a winner and a loser and how it can apply to various situations, such as gossiping or bullying
  • A discussion on how life insurance, particularly from a mutual company, can be a win-win-win situation: For the person buying the insurance, the person selling the insurance, and the insurance company
  • The importance of the mutual life insurance company structure and its benefits
  • The significance of ownership and sharing the concept of win-win-win situations with children
  • A story about how timing can impact life insurance and the importance of taking action sooner rather than later
  • How to get in touch with Kim to discuss the zero-sum game, mindset, or the life insurance space

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