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Jul 10, 2018

Kim and Spencer talk about interest rates and what happens in the real estate market. They also talk about what to do in the interest rate world.

Tune in with Kim D. H. Butler and Spencer Shaw to find out how to take control of your finances today. Do you have a question you would like answered on the show? Please send it to us at and we may answer it in an upcoming episode.

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Show Notes

  • What do we do in the craziest interest rate world? - 1:01
  • Kim recommends us to seek information about interest rates from authors that write in the newspaper - 1:40
  • Kim tells us to stay off the news because they aren't helpful - 2:26
  • What is a "decent" rate? - 3:10
  • Kim's recommendation about interest rates and media - 4:00
  • What is a zero percent loan?- 6:40
  • Kim talks about her husband and the financial calculators for financial advisors - 9:20
  • Kim tells us the importance of life insurance cash value - 10:40
  • Spencer tells us to see Robert Kiyosaki's rules - 13:00

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