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Apr 21, 2015

What is it you want to accomplish with your money? Is what you’re doing with your dollars helping to make that happen? Join “No BS Money Guy” Todd Strobel and bestselling financial author, Kim D.H. Butler as they discuss how the power of focus relates to your prosperity.

Are your thoughts and actions helping you reach your financial goals? Hear examples and suggestions of how our focus can serve us and help us build peace of mind as well as financial prosperity.

When investors try to be fence sitters, their dollars end up compromised and ineffective. Todd and Kim discuss how putting some money firmly on each side of the fence can stabilize us and help prevent a nasty financial tumble. By looking outside the stock market, the hosts show listeners how they can increase control over their dollars and produce the best, most immediate financial results.

0:19 – Hi and Welcome
0:49 – What are we talking about in this episode?
2:00 – The power of focus and why we must focus on what we can control
3:30 – Don’t sit on the fence with your money!
5:20 – Safety outside of the stock market
12:20 – Are you making your money do what you want it to?
13:00 – What to do about the rumored collapse of the US dollar
14:24 – Last minute 401K question
16:40 – Thank you for listening!