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Sep 21, 2021

Saying no to a big decision… is that the right solution? It may not be! Spencer and Kim tackle this idea of Prosperity Decision Making. They share their insights about making big and important decisions by saying yes and no on different occasions. Spencer and Kim also discussed decision fatigue and the important aspects of decision making and following the principles of prosperity.

Best-selling author Kim Butler and Spencer Shaw show you how to take more control of your finances. Tune in to The Prosperity Podcast to learn more about Prosperity Thinkers thinking and strategies today!

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    Show Notes
  • “Decide” means to kill, in other words, to kill off your “no” decisions so that you can accept your “yes” decisions. - 0:25
  • What are things that you can do to feel less frustrated? - 1:56
  • If you’re not in the habit of digging the good out of the little things, it’s gonna be way harder. - 2:16
  • Whatever it is that you happen to see, it’s what you choose to do about, it’s what you decide to do about it. Not only in that moment, but in subsequent moments as well. - 5:03
  • What’s decision fatigue? - 7:08
  • Sometimes, the things we say no to are more important than the things we say yes to. Being okay saying no and being clear with what you want to say no about makes bigger decisions easier. - 11:15
  • What’s the most important aspect of decision-making? - 12:42
  • Where’s the best place for people to get the principles of prosperity? - 13:19

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