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Apr 10, 2018

Why has society accepted that financial loss is okay? In this episode Kim and Spencer explain why risk does not equal reward and how you can put together a strategy that avoids losing your hard earned money.


Tune in with Kim D. H. Butler and Spencer Shaw to find out how to take control of your finances today. Do you have a question you would like answered on the show? Please send it to us at and we may answer it in an upcoming episode.


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Show Notes

  • 0:51 - Why most people believe risk equals reward
  • 1:50 - How Kim defines risk
  • 3:02 - Kim’s risk tolerance is zero and she explains why
  • 5:50 - Why has society accepted that loss is okay?
  • 10:05 - How to avoid losing money
  • 13:18 - Often good investments that have high protection require a lump sum
  • 14:49 - Where to put your money
  • 15:20 - Are you more interested in growth or cash flow?
  • 17:17 - A new $25k investment opportunity
  • 20:06 - Your gameplan to avoid risk


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