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Sep 24, 2019

Kim and Spencer talk about a white paper called, “The Seven Deadly Investor’s Sins.” They discuss some of these things they agree with and a few of the investor sins they want to scream at. Stay tuned and see if you agree or disagree.

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Show Notes

  • Talking about the PDF report - 0:41
  • Inappropriate asset allocation - 1:03
  • Certainty is one of the Prosperity Economics Movement Principles -2:52
  • Having too much cash - 3:09
  • Whole Life Insurance as a wonderful place to store cash - 4:04
  • The Control Principle - 5:02
  • Paying excessive fees - 5:25
  • The Opportunity cost of your fee - 6:44
  • Poor tax management - 10:13
  • Inflation is your number two enemy - 11:31
  • Lifestyle inflation - 12:57
  • Two things that help us avoid inflation - 13:27
  • Living off interest - 13:58
  • Poor debt management - 16:16
  • A mistake that people make - 17:14

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