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Jan 12, 2016


Budgeting is almost ubiquitous financial advice - but is it effective? Join bestseller author Kim Butler and Todd Strobel as they discuss how budgets can be counter productive. Learn about the benefits of paying yourself first, or saving money, instead of trying to budget out your expenses.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:41 Budgeting: Stop it!

1:12 What's wrong with Budgeting?  

3:29 What to do instead: Pay Yourself First

5:52 Paying off Debt Without Budgeting

6:54 The Benefits of an Opportunity Fund

8:37 Calculating Your Run Rate

9:40 The Importance of Confidence

11:52 Addressing Retirees About Budgeting and Income

13:49 Business that Solve Problems

15:10 Outro